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How Swapcard generates more attendees for their events with Community Marketing.

When the global pandemic hit, Swapcard were forced to adapt their business strategy. They decided to develop a new virtual platform to run events online and save their clients’ businesses.

To launch the platform, they decided to run their own virtual event called EVOLVE. It was a huge hit but marketing the event required a unique marketing strategy.

By adopting Community Marketing, the leading tech brand achieved the following results:

shares from community influencers
unique organic social views to the event website
new attendee registrations

The Challenge

There’s so much noise in the industry right now. This makes promoting an event a challenging task as everyone is fighting for attention. It’s near impossible to break through the noise with so many virtual events, webinars, interviews, networking events taking place.

Swapcard needed to find a way to get the attention of prospect attendees and drive them to register for the event.

The marketing team reached out to speakers, partners and attendees – asking them to help promote the event by sharing a link to the website. However, this was time consuming, and many emails were simply ignored.

We needed to find a marketing tool that was right for our community.
Rafaelle Stavisky
Event Marketing, Swapcard

Swapcard needed to find a way to tap into the communities of their event stakeholders and drive registrants via word-of-mouth marketing.

The Solution

After weeks of brainstorming, the Swapcard marketing team decided to focus on community marketing and use Gleanin to power their efforts.

Before Gleanin, Swapcard had to manually create a visual image for each partner and speaker to share. This was extremely time consuming and often a waste of time when the stakeholder did nothing with it.

Before Gleanin, we wasted so much time creating images and chasing speakers to promote our event.
Rafaelle Stavisky
Event Marketing, Swapcard

Gleanin took all the hard work and effort away and enabled Swapcard to empower their stakeholders with a simple one-click sharing solution.

By embracing Community Marketing, Swapcard were able to cut through the noise pollution on social and drive more engagement around their event. Over a short period of time, this resulted in a significant spike in new registrations.


Historically, Swapcard had trialled many different SaaS marketing solutions as well as their own outreach to their event community. However, the marketing team were not getting the results they wanted.

By switching their focus to Community Marketing, and empowering their event stakeholders to market for them, they were able to scale their results and achieve a stronger marketing ROI.

The results were significant.

Gleanin gave us more visibility.
Rafaelle Stavisky
Event Marketing, Swapcard
Swapcard’s virtual event, Evolve, was a huge hit amongst the event marketing community and the Swapcard team are focused on continuing this success for years to come.