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How ETL uses Gleanin to save time and increase community reach.

Promoting an event is tough. It takes a huge effort to arm all of your speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors with content, and there’s no guarantee they will post any of it.

This is the exact problem ETL ran into when COVID-19 hit. With many people working from home, stakeholders were no longer contactable at their office, and their details were constantly changing due to redundancies and furlough.

By adopting a Community Marketing tool, the leading tech event brand, managed to turn the tables and achieve the following results:

Time spent chasing speakers.
Time spent creating promotional graphics.
Attendees from community influencers.

The Challenge

Chasing event stakeholders takes time.

It can take days or even weeks to reach each individual speaker, exhibitor, and sponsor, and arm them with the assets they need to promote an event. But it also takes time to create the assets in the first place.

Cropping headshots, collecting names and titles, gathering session titles – all of these things take time and time is something event organisers don’t have much of.

We needed to find a better marketing tool that would save us time.
Adam Parry
Director, Event Tech Live

ETL needed to find a way to reduce the time it takes to create promotional assets and give their event stakeholders ample time to execute.

The Solution

After a couple of painful weeks, ETL decided to use Gleanin to solve some of their promotional headaches. The marketing team set up campaigns in the Community Marketing tool and empowered their stakeholders with the assets they needed to promote the event.

In doing so, they replaced the need to create manual assets for each individual stakeholder.

You can give speakers the tools, but this doesn’t guarantee that they will post. Gleanin was the tipping point.
Adam Parry
Director, Event Tech Live

Prior to Gleanin, ETL were spending too much time creating their own banners and chasing their stakeholders via email.

By embracing a Community Marketing tool like Gleanin, ETL were able to cut time and resources spent on chasing their stakeholders, and deliver promotional content that drove a significant spike in new registrations.


The challenge of arming event stakeholders with promotional content has always been a headache for event marketers. There will always be changes to artwork, new speakers, and sessions being moved around due to unforeseen circumstances.

Despite the frequent changes forced by COVID-19, ETL successfully reduced time spent, and gave their speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors a remarkable experience.

Instant ROI with outstanding results…

Gleanin kept all our event stakeholders happy.
Adam Parry
Director, Event Tech Live
Community Marketing is now a big part of ETL’s marketing strategy for virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face events. Word-of-mouth will continue to drive new registrations for years to come.