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3 Engagement Tools for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Whether you’re hosting a simple webinar or a full-blown virtual conference, engagement is critical for the attendee experience. With virtual events, the digital environment is your venue, so selecting the right tools is an important part of creating a great event and an engaging experience.

Here’s three of our favourite tools for improving engagement at virtual events.

1)  Slido

The Slido platform was built for engagement. The team was around long before virtual events came about, promoting audience interaction through live polls, Q&A, and more. It’s one of the best tools for engaging your online audience because it promotes crowdsourcing to make attendees feel included. It also integrates with other live streaming and virtual platforms so you can plan a seamless, engaging virtual event.

2) Miro

One way to keep an audience engaged is to let them explore and brainstorm new ideas with a colourful visual workspace. Miro makes this possible for event marketers. It’s a digital collaboration tool where users can drag and drop sticky notes, type, and create shapes just like a virtual whiteboard. Digital workspaces like Miro are perfect for engaging attendees because people respond well to interactive visuals. Miro allows users to collaboratively brainstorm, plan, mind map, and more.

They even have a free event planning template available, which you can download here.

3) Glisser

With Glisser, attendees can move around each event as they choose, watch and interact with presentations on single or multiple stages in real time, access on-demand content, and enter booths or breakout rooms optimized for maximum engagement. The audience experience is completed with digital notetaking, downloadable slide decks and participation certificates. It’s one of the best event tools for keeping an audience engaged throughout the entire duration of a speaker session.

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